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Care Instructions

Handmade jewelry is artwork and is made with tender love and care, please handle accordingly. My jewelry is durable but must be stored properly and gently handled, to extend it's life. Avoid wet and strenuous activity. Remove when handwashing or applying lotion.


Sterling Silver and Copper tarnish with exposure to oxygen and moisture, please store in an airtight bag. Over time your copper piece will darken, this is natural and is to be expected


Copper and even Sterling Silver react differently to each body's chemistry. If a green mark is left on your skin, it is completely natural, and sign that you have an acidic pH. Simply wash with soap and water. Scientists suggests the best way to combat a high acidic pH is to adjust your diet : increase water intake, dark fruit and vegetable intake, and limit processed starches and sugars.

You can seal your metal piece with jeweler's wax or even clear nail polish to avoid green staining and oxidation.