The Thing.

June 1, 2018




Everyone has their "thing."


My favorite childhood thing was a tan, glitter glue stained bag that held all of my drawing and craft supplies.


Despite having no natural drawing talent, this bag was full of magic and wonder in my eyes. I can still picture it hanging in the closet of my childhood house. That  bag was the foundation of the future I have started to create.


As long as I can remember, I have been a creator. Whether painting rocks with my mom at the park, or making necklaces out of fallen buckeye seeds, my passion for creating grew as I grew. 

And I as I grew, my creations flourished, as I got to high school, I was soap making, screen printing, sewing, crocheting, and playing five different musical instruments, dabbling in photoshop and making hemp bracelets for friends and family.


Of all these talents, none ever really "stuck". except my love of photography. All of these self taught hobbies were special to me, but nothing ever called to me. 


Then I found metal smithing and the incredible metaphysical properties of crystals. 
" This is my THING, what I am supposed to do the rest of my life." I instantly knew i was meant to share my new found passion.


Second Sight.


From the creative process behind my designs, to the vast history of crystals and the metaphysical, this blog is designed to share my experiences, knowledge, and vision with you.



Welcome to The Second Sight.






PS. Look out for the next post, to find out what we are all about here. 


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